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Ahead of the Pack: A Commodore's Nightmare

Underdog Dynasty presents Ahead Of The Pack, a weekly editorial cartoon showcasing the skills of our very own in-house illustrator, Andrew Thomas. New Ahead Of The Pack comics will be available on Sunday mornings throughout the season.

This week, we celebrate early and we celebrate often. We celebrate the return of college football. We celebrate upsets. We celebrate poor SEC teams that don't belong there (yes, Kentucky and Vanderbilt, we're looking at you, I don't care what James Franklin did).

Most importantly, we celebrate the Temple Owls complete dismantling of Vanderbilt, 37-7! We can only imagine how Hooter the Owl is haunting the dreams of Mr. C., Vanderbilt's mascot - you know, when he isn't busy fake texting.

That crazy Owl is probably dramatically standing in front of Mr. C's window, staring with those big, yellow owl eyes. Wait, what? He actually is? Uh-oh. I'd hide if I were you, my commodore friend. Hope he (or that loss) doesn't haunt you all season, or anything.

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