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How to Watch Georgia Southern vs NCSU: 12:30pm EST, ACCN/ESPN3

A run down on Georgia Southern's first game as an FBS football team

Michael Chang

How to watch:

As posted in the title, you can watch this game on the ACC Network (if your market is carrying this game) or on ESPN3, or the WatchESPN app.

I will be watching it from my tailgating site in Auburn on my iPad. Having access to the school's wifi is a wonderful thing since it lets me do that. If I can convince my tailgating group to switch it to the ACCN, I'll do that.


If you're curious about Georgia Southern's roster for this game, I wrote an article on the pre-season depth chart.

I also did a Q&A with Backing the Pack about the upcoming game. You can find their answers to my questions HERE and my answers to their questions HERE.

Last second thoughts:

This game will hinge on NCSU's ability to stop the run, and Georgia Southern's ability to stop the pass. Georgia Southern has a very experienced O-line that pushed them over 400 yards against Florida last year, and the Eagles will want to run it often and control the clock. Georgia Southern had a fairly stout run defense last season, but was poor against the pass. If the NCSU quarterback is able to get the ball to play-maker Bryan Underwood in anything resembling space it will likely spell trouble for the Eagles.

If Georgia Southern's offense is able to perform up to its previous standards in a new system and the defense is able to at least make a few good stops against NCSU, then the Eagles have a fighting chance of winning the game. I do think NCSU's depth will be the deciding factor in the end, though. My prediction: the Eagles put on a good show against the Wolfpack in their first FBS game, but ultimately fall 34-24.

I hope I'm wrong.