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Ahead Of The Pack: In Memoriam

This week, we are taking some time to pay homage to someone who is very deserving of whatever attention we can give him. His life was far too short, so maybe we can extend it a bit today.

This past week, Kent State starting center Jason Bitsko passed away in his sleep. While a very select few, specifically ESPN SportsCenter anchor Neil Everett, provided a deservingly scathing critique of the coverage that Bitsko's passing received in the media, we decided instead to keep it simple and pay homage to Bitsko with this week's cartoon.


Nobody deserves to run out of life so soon, and we do not yet know what it is that led to his untimely passing. I'm sure that more will be revealed in the coming weeks, but for now we here at Underdog Dynasty simply ask that you keep his friends and family who are most affected by this sudden tragedy in your thoughts and prayers. Football is just a game, played by mere mortals, and unfortunately the universe feels the need to remind us of that sometimes. Until next week...

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