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Underdog Dynasty All-Name Team

The votes have been tallied, and we have finally arrived at your overall All-Name Team for the Group of Five teams in the AAC, SBC, CUSA and the Independents.

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Well, here we are. After a week of voting (and everybody having variably clever things of their own to say about these names) we have arrived at our overall All-Name Team. So, in honor of my boy Hingle McCringleberry, here is your top list without further ado:

1st place - Quinterrius Eatmon, OL, South Florida

This was a very popular choice among the group, with our own Dieter Kurtenbach wondering how he and his teammates could possibly not run away with this competition.

2nd place - Wonderful Monds II, DE, Florida International

So I was a little bit sneaky on this one to not mention that his full name is actually Wonderful Terrific Monds - and the II of course means he is named directly after his father. But too late to change the vote now.

3rd place - Fudge Van Hooser, WR, Tulane

Fudge snagged 3rd place by a nose over a whole host of others due to his status as one of a few players to receive a "second team" nod. His fudginess gets him the honor ahead of Thor Jozwiak, Jazzmar Clax, Blaze Ryder and Edgar Poe.