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Introducing Underdog Dynasty's All-Name Teams

What would our preseason content be without a small tribute to Key and Peele, and their excellent rendition of some of the ridiculous names you can occasionally come across on a college football roster?

As part of the run up to our first season covering all of the underdog football teams within our four Ethernet-cabled walls, we decided we would have a little fun, while paying homage to one of my favorite Key & Peele sketches of all time. Individual conference and overall All-Name Teams!

We painstakingly combed through each team's roster, looking for names that either provided so many syllables that even the best announcer might struggle, or that were just too unique to keep scrolling past. We culled some votes from the rest of the staff, and we came up with a Top Three for each team across all our coverage.

Over the course of this week, we will be showing you our All-Name teams for each conference. We were unable to factor in things such as how likely it was that an announcer would actually flub their name on-air (actual likely playing time), but that's where you, our readers come in.

In the comment section of each conference, we want you to chime in, giving us your Top Three names from each posting, plus any write-in names you feel didn't get the credit they deserve. At the end of the week, we will reveal what you voted to be the 2014 Underdog Dynasty All-Name Team.

The voting begins with the American Athletic Conference at noon today and will continue at noon each day this week, with the final results revealed at noon on Friday. Let the awesome ensue...