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Ahead Of The Pack: Wheel Of Misfortune

I know it's easy to pick on the WAC, but well...

Editor's Note: I know it's easy to pick on the WAC, but well... we went and did it anyway. That said, this must be what a lot of the conference realignment conversations must feel like to some teams' fans.


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Underdog Dynasty presents Ahead Of The Pack, a weekly editorial cartoon showcasing the skills of our very own in-house illustrator, Andrew Thomas. New Ahead Of The Pack comics will be available on Sunday mornings throughout the season, and intermittently during the off-season.

Andrew Thomas is a freelance artist living in Louisville, Kentucky. He's passionate about Western Kentucky football and attends every WKU Hilltoppers' game he can during the season. Andrew has completed a variety of recent projects, including illustration for children's books, drawing posters and signs for corporate use, and unique character designs for mobile games.

You can find more of Andrew's work at or on deviantART.