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UNT's Worst Loss of 2013: UNT Becomes Road Head for 'Runners

In keeping with the theme of worst losses of 2013, we look at North Texas's worst loss (at least among the fanbase) against the now-hated Roadrunners of UTSA

Wide Receiver Darnell Smith was the lone bright spot in UNT's worst loss of the season to UTSA
Wide Receiver Darnell Smith was the lone bright spot in UNT's worst loss of the season to UTSA
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The best part about recapping last season for the University of North Texas is there are only four losses to digest for the entire season. Even better only one was by double digits, to a Georgia team that was supposed to contend for the SEC West title until half the team apparently contracted the Ebola virus. That game also featured a Mean Green punt block that tied the game in the third.

Oh, you want to see another highlight from that game? How about a Brelan Chancellor 99-yard kickoff return???

So yes, even though moral victories are like hooking up with your crush's sister, there were a ton of positives from that game.

What about the Ohio game? Another moral victory. Ohio was supposed to be better than its 7-6 record showed, and it was on the road, and Derek Thompson had two touchdown passes? That's cool right? And according to the Mean Green message boards, we weren't supposed to be good so this loss was cool too. And well, those uniforms for the Idaho game before were pretty cool weren't they?

The Tulane loss had to be the worst then, right? Jesus, that was ugly. What was worse: a blocked field goal returned for a touchdown followed TWO MINUTES LATER by a 59-yard Tulane interception return for a touchdown in the second quarter OR thirty-four total yards of rushing? Or was it eleven penalties for 105 yards? How about a last second field goal to end the game? It's ok though, because Tulane is moving on up in the world, to the American Athletic Conference, which is akin to moving up from the Sun Belt to Conference USA, and so that means Tulane's a big deal. Right? Right?

No, the worst loss of UNT's 2013 was to the hated Roadrunners of the University of Texas-San Antonio. U-T-S-Freakin-A!!!!!! A school in its football infancy, even though it's coached by former national championship coach Larry Coker. A school so lame it needed to have its own Buzzfeed list to prove its worth. (Yes, I know, 500 other schools had a Buzzfeed list too)

But man, what a buzzkill of a game. UNT was supposed to win this game, go undefeated at home, play in the Conference USA Championship (AT HOME) win the Conference USA Championship game (AT HOME), win the Liberty Bowl against Mississippi State (not AT HOME), get ranked in the Top 25 Poll, beat Texas August 30, 2014 at 7:00 pm CST, then beat SMU the next week and BAM! Top 15 easily, Dan McCarney becomes the officially spokesman for Grey Goose, UNT moves to the Big 12 in 2016 and the Eli Young Band wins the Grammy for "Best Music Video Ever Because they Filmed it at UNT".

Ok, sorry, need to put the green kool-aid down now. Seriously though, that game was bad. We knew our offense was pretty anemic (ok fine, Derek Thompson was a great game manager last year) but 13 POINTS AGAINST UTSA? I know they went 7-5 and all, but man that game was ugly. Oh, did I mention it was UNT's Senior Day? UNT didn't even have a lead all game. I mean come on, how do you lose to a team whose most famous alums are Michelle Beadle (fine, she's pretty attractive) Bruce Bowen, and George Gervin's brother?

You know what's even worse about that game? UTSA kicker missed EVERY SINGLE FIELD GOAL HE TOOK, so it could've been much worse. So, I guess I'll take 21-13 over 30-13.

What does all this mean for 2014? WE MUST BEAT UTSA, or all UNT fans might end up dying of dysentery.