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The Ragin' Cajuns: Four More Records And A Heisman Prediction

Yesterday we looked at five records and milestones the Cajuns should achieve this season. Well today we have five more, and we aren't screwing around. Like yesterday, all math for the chances of these happening was done by a (possibly drunk) business major. Alon! #BROADWAY2014

Jeff Zelevansky

For all that he's done to bring UL to prominence, Mark Hudspeth is no miracle worker. Success is a long term goal. Whether he leaves at the end of this season, or in twenty years, there will be things left undone. Some of the greatest programs in college football haven't had an undefeated season or Heisman winner. So it's unrealistic to expect that out of a fourth year coach.

Well, let's get unrealistic. For all we know, Hud is kicking up dust after the bowl game in an SEC dump truck full of cash. And good for him. He'd be leaving UL a hundred times better than he found it. Name the stadium after him now. But who knows if the next guy will be able to keep this train running. So let's lay it all on the line. Play like there is no tomorrow. Let's break some shit.

First Top 25 Ranking - 99% likely

UL has never been ranked in the top 25. Not by the AP. Not by the Coaches Poll. Not by the BCS. That changes this year. To get there, UL will have to dominate their schedule and beat the only ranked team that will line up against them. Ole Miss will face the Cajuns after a meeting with Vandy, and before a bye week. That may not sound like an ideal situation for UL, but if there's one thing Ole Miss does well, its embarrassing themselves.

First Undefeated Season - 88.8% likely

If they do run the table in the regular season, you can bet money UL will be playing in a major bowl. That means they will have to finish off an unprecedented season against one of the big boys. Probably in the Cotton Bowl against another one of Bob Stoops' under-performing Oklahoma team. And Big Game Bob would never drop one to a hot mid-major team.

Biggest Win (By Margin) in School History - 72.6% likely

UL's biggest win by point margin came against Delcambre Academy back in 1903, when Reebok still outfitted football teams. The final score was 105-0. I think we can do better. As a matter of fact, the Cajuns might need style points to propel themselves past teams like Marshall who play a pitiful schedule. I'm not saying UL *has to* hang a hundred on New Mexico State, but better safe than sorry.

First Consensus All American - 94% likely

In their entire history, UL has never had a Consensus All American. And that's not for a lack of producing some great Cajuns like Jake Delhomme, Peanut Tillman, and Brandon Stokley. but I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The current roster might be better than those guys were in their college days. So Broadway is the obvious pick here, right? I'm not so sure. All American teams are usually built like an old fashioned pro style offense. If anybody would land this honor, I think it would be wide receiver Jamal Robinson. Maybe even o-lineman Daniel Quave. Screw it. Why not both?

First Heisman Winner - 128.5% likely

By never having a Heisman winner, UL put themself in the company of storied programs like Tennessee, Washington, and Michigan State. Unlike those programs, the Cajuns have Terrance freakin' Broadway. The role of a quarterback can be overblown at times, but he is easily the single most valuable player on this team, in this conference, and possibly in the country. A Heisman winner is a guy who, just by being on the roster, adds a few wins to your record. He makes the guys around him better, and carries his team to the promised land. If that isn't Terrance Broadway, I don't know what is.