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2014 North Texas Season In Review: A Roundtable

UNT fans tend to revel in their misery together, and this season is no different. We gathered a few fellow miserable UNT fans together to recap the season, and figure out the biggest priorities for the Mean Green heading into 2015

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

UNT had a rough year this year, finishing with the least amount of wins since... 2011. While it might be nice getting one of UNT's main bloggers (Brett Vito, are you listening?) we decided it'd be best to talk to some paid season ticket holders, who, instead of spending money at the casino, taking women out on nice dates, or paying back gambling debt, have decided to throw down a nice chunk of money in order to watch the Mean Green

These contributors are:

  • Jeff Kline, Esq, lawyer in Oklahoma City, one of the main architects of student funding for Apogee Stadium
  • Jason Howeth, law clerk in San Antonio and professional bowtie wearer
  • Tony DeSoussa, occasional Underdog Dynasty North Texas contributor and Tom Brady apologist.

In 140 characters or less, describe the 2014 UNT Season.

Jeff Kline: The season was underwhelming and felt like a rollercoaster. Disappointed we didn't win a road game but happy we did very well at home. There's always next year...

Jason Howeth: This talent-depleted team definitely had it's moments, good a bad. Statement wins followed by crushing losses. It's as if nothing went right, but they came out respectable. #Rebuilding

Tony DeSoussa: Disappointment, setback, just about any negative word can clearly sum up this season. A team that finished 9-4 coming off a Huge Bowl Victory, stumbles out of the gate, never finds good offensive rhythm and stumbles to a 4-8 season while going 0-6 on the road. (Editor's note: ok, so it's probably a little more than 140 characters...)

Offensive/Defensive MVP's? Breakout Player?

Tony and Jason: Offense: Carlos Harris, Defense: Derek Akune

Jason: My breakout player had to be kicker Trevor Moore. Kid was lights out from anywhere save for 2 field goals on 17 tries, none from longer than 50. I want to see him get longer chances.

What was the one thing you didn't expect to happen that did this year?

Tony: Offensive line struggles. Not sure if it was due to the horrible QB play that plagued this team, but the OL, while returning four starters, didn't seem to play up to its ability. The QB's were under pressure a lot more this season and the power run game wasn't nearly as strong. It all starts up front.

Jason: UNT ended the playing careers of two Texas players (specifically QB David Ash), and one Head Coach (sorry, June Jones). Also, how handily opponents trounced the team. (See Indiana, La Tech, etc.) Or, how about Dajon Williams falling out of favor so quickly with the head coaches.

Jeff: That whole thing where we didn't win any games away from Denton, TX.

What should be the number one priority on Dan McCarney's list this offseason?

Jeff: Hiring a quality defense coordinator.

Jason: We have talented players, but they can't do anything without development. Filling in the coaching changes with the best recruiters and developers in the nation (as well as a lights out DC) should be at the top. (Editor's note: Jason actually submitted his name into the defensive coordinator conversation, noting that he would coach in exchange for law school debt forgiveness).

Tony: Most people would say QB, considering how bad the position played this season. I really have a 1a and 1b for this offseason. 1a, Get an impact defensive lineman, either an end or tackle that can put some pressure on the opposing QB. 1b, Recruit some fast, hard hitting Linebackers. I fell LB may be the weakest position heading into 2015.

Give me one bold prediction in the offseason...

Jeff: Dajon Williams won't get in trouble with Coach Mac. (As an attorney, Jeff says he will offer his services to any UNT football player or coach, in exchange for production on the football field. No one on the UNT bench has taken him up yet)

Jason: UNT signs its first 4-start recruit in probably ever. (What?) Ok fine,  Mac brings in a young, but proven defensive coach as DC. We may or may not know of this person's prominence.

Tony: UNT somehow talks Will Muschamp into taking the Defensive Coordinator position, leading to a top ten 2015 defense. (We believe Tony just got back from some music festival, which may or may not have impaired his thinking)

Lastly, rank the Top 3 games in order of importance for UNT next season (in terms of a must-win)....

Jeff: UTSA, UTEP, Tennessee.

Jason: Rice- This game will have high implications. Marshall- I seriously doubt we go 3 years without playing them. UTSA- I really don't want to put them here, but, I live in San Antonio and what not...

Tony: SMU- Always important to beat the pompous, arrogant team that's right down the road. Now, even more important with their quality hire of Chad Morris. Beat them on the field at their house, and then beat them in the homes of recruits.

Tennessee- The only big game our football team has won was at Tennessee under Hayden Fry in the 70's. Let's do it again. A win is a win over an SEC team, especially on the road.

UTSA- Cannot afford to go 0-3 against UTSA in the Mac era. It's a team we battle with regularly for recruits and its turning into a pretty heated rivalry. Plus we are still due revenge from the 2013 game in apogee that cost us a shot to host a CUSA championship game.