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If Your G5 Team Was an 80's TV Action Star

The 80's were full of over the top action figures, both in the movies and on television. We go back and remember some of our favorites like Magnum P.I., Miami Vice, The A-Team, and more. To make it more fun, what would the stars from those shows be if we turned them into a G5 college football team?

The guys from Magnum P.I. got together again in 2009
The guys from Magnum P.I. got together again in 2009
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Iv'e got to start out with two of my favorite characters from my childhood. Murdock and B.A. were the best, followed closely by Bo and Luke Duke. Yes, I'm old.

ECU - B.A. Barracus

Always called on to take out the biggest foes, B.A. (Bad Attitude) is not afraid of anybody. An expert mechanic, B.A. Can fix anything to help get his team out of a jam. I pity the fool P5 team that schedules ECU.

Arkansas Sate - Howling Mad Murdock

Howl Yes!  Nobody has more personalities than Murdock. Arkansas State has had five head coaches in five years, so they know all about having a new personality every episode.

Marshall - Magnum P.I.

Magnum has access to a fast car and he usually doesn't have to lift a finger. We called upon, he has all the resources to come out on top. This transplant from the Midwest has fit in just nicely in his new surroundings.

Appalachian State - Cooter Davenport

Cooter is a good friend and he takes his share of hits. Every now and then he's capable of stepping up big for his friends.

Louisiana Tech - Templeton "Face Man" Peck

Face is a master of infiltrating new originations. A little it of a pretty boy; he may look small, but he knows how to handle a machine gun. Tech has adapted to conferences that include Hawaii and Idaho as well as their new home that includes FIU and ODU. The Bulldogs can get along just fine from coast to coast.

Hawaii - Rick

Rick is a lounge singer who remembers his days as a fierce warrior. He likes to take it easy, but he can still mix it up if you push him too far. Rick always has Magnum's back.

Northern Illinois - Air Wolf

A bit of an outsider, NIU comes out of nowhere to save the day for the origination. NIU isn't located in Ohio or Michigan like most of the MAC, but they are often representing the conference in a big bowl game when the postseason rolls around.

BYU - The Fall Guy

Lee Majors previously starred in The Million Dollar Man, now he plays a former stunt man turned bounty hunter. BYU used to be a champion, now they get by on their own. They have to go after the big boys to make their living now.

San Diego State - Hunter

Former SDSU star Fred Dryer stars as Hunter, a big man with a big gun that plays by his own rules. Although he looks tough, Hunter has a little bit of a soft side.

UNLV - AJ Simon

AJ likes to drive flashy cars, and he tries to use wit to solve his problems.  He doesn't like to mix I up too much, but he can take care of himself when needed.

Fresno State - Rick Simon

Rick isn't as polished as his brother. He drives a bland looking truck, but he carries a bigger gun. Fresno State isn't as California as some of the other schools in the state, but they are a little tougher than most.

UAB - MacGyver

The origination always puts MacGyver in tough spots, but he seems to have nine lives.  The clock is ticking on UAB; can they survive again?

Boise State - Hannibal Smith

Overly confident, Smith usually has better weapons than his opponents, but his plans are sometimes reckless. He always comes out on top. The Broncos love it when a plan comes together.

Georgia Southern - Luke Duke

This former military standout does great in his element. He is just happy hanging out in the woods, taking on the establishment while he fights for the little guys.

UCF - Bo Duke

A little bigger and a little flashier than his cousin, Bo is also a little reckless. Bo is also a pretty boy, but he won't back down from a fight.

Nevada - Knight Rider

A former cop, Michael Knight has a new face and some cool toys. The Wolf Pack roam the west, pulling out their fast car to speed by the opposition.

Temple - Tubbs

Tubbs left his northern roots to fight the mean streets in the South. Temple is doing just fine in the AAC, the warmer weather will do that for you.

SMU - Quantum Leap

This is a 90s show, but SMU needs to go back in time and right a few wrongs. The Mustangs would also like to go back in time and live in a time where they had a better life.

Who did I get wrong? Who an I missing? I never found a good match for the Ragin Cajuns, whose coach can bench press a refridgerator. There has to be an 80's Action star for them.