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Join the Underdog Dynasty Bowl Pick'em and Win a Free T-Shirt

It's like gambling, except you rarely have to use the phrase "upside your head."

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Bowl season is one of those few times a year, like March Madness or the Super Bowl, where we all get to stop pretending like we know what we're talking about, and put our knowledge on the line. It's the closest most of you will ever get to actual sports betting, which is a good thing because fragile kneecaps seem to be a commonality among our demographic.

This is a confidence pick'em, and it is open to all who would wish to participate. At the end of the whole shebang, the winner will receive an official, not-at-all-used Underdog Dynasty t-shirt.

All participants are subject to the official rules found here.

So, here is the step-by-step on how to get into the pick'em. It is hosted by our fine partners at Yahoo!, whom I am sure you are all intimately familiar with. (and won't need detailed instructions on setting up an account for since your old one got deactivated due to inactivity.)

1. Click this link to go to the group home page.

2. Sign in or create a Yahoo account. (again)

3. Click "Join this group" to become a part of the group.

4. Yahoo will ask you to create a pick set. Give it an interesting name, fill out the information and press "Create Pick Set" to complete the process.

Once you've done that, the site will redirect you back to the group's home page. Make your picks and order them based on your confidence in the pick. Oh, and bookmark the page or else you will have to go looking for it later when you forget whether you picked Washington or Oklahoma State in the Cactus Bowl.