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Calling All Aspiring Writers: Come Contribute to Underdog Dynasty!

You know you want to, you've just been seeing how things went this season before you finally threw your hat in the ring.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

O.K., so maybe comparing you to Ed Werder is a little bit too much, but don't let little things like a lack of formal journalistic training (or hell, even writing skill) stop you.

I probably could have waited a little while longer to write this, but with our season 98% complete now seems like as good a time as any to put this out there for your general consumption.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does Underdog Dynasty cover a team that I root for?
  • Do I like reading about that team on the site?
  • Does the person currently writing about that team suck at it more than I would?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then perhaps you would like to cover one of those teams as part of our regular staff. You would, of course, be doing it For the Love of The Game, because there is no money involved unless you are amazing or have naked pictures of my wife.

Many of the teams we cover either don't have a dedicated writer or have a large enough following that we would benefit from having more writers for that team in order to more fully have the supply meet the demand.

A quick refresher of who we cover:

  • SMU
  • ECU
  • UCF
  • Temple
  • Tulane
  • Tulsa
  • Houston
  • Memphis
  • Marshall
  • Rice
  • Western Kentucky
  • UAB (for now)
  • Middle Tennessee State
  • Louisiana Tech
  • Southern Miss
  • Florida International
  • Florida Atlantic
  • North Texas
  • UTSA
  • Old Dominion
  • Charlotte (starting soon)
  • Georgia Southern
  • Louisiana-Lafayette
  • Louisiana-Monroe
  • Idaho
  • New Mexico State
  • Appalachian State
  • Georgia State
  • Arkansas State
  • Texas State
  • South Alabama
  • Troy

Don't hesitate to email directly to if you would like to come participate in the action. We will not turn you away as a writer unless we already have multiple writers for a team, and even then we might have another team you could cover (so that you have a second team to rip your hair out over on Saturdays).

*sits back and waits for the hordes to attack submit applications*