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Associated Press Top 25 Poll: Marshall and Georgia Southern Make Appearances

It is finally happening, folks. As those second and third losses for the big boys pile up, our best are starting to rise.

Todd Bennett

Yes, yes, yes, Marshall improved to 21st in the latest Associated Press poll. Good for them, I'm sure that Rakeem Cato and Doc Holliday are thrilled.

But look lower. Much lower.

Others receiving votes: Oklahoma 85, Texas A&M 83, Missouri 68, USC 47, Minnesota 26, Louisville 12, West Virginia 6, Stanford 4, Boise State 1, Georgia Southern 1, Miami (FL) 1


Perhaps this in part because North Dakota State finally lost and that vote had to go somewhere, but it doesn't matter. We got a damn vote. If they can win their last two games, especially their next game against Navy, they might just sneak into actually being ranked by the end of the season, and from there who knows?

Every little bit makes you a step more appealing to a bowl selection committee that wants to draw a great crowd for their game, and for what it's worth, the Eagles are one of only 23 teams with one or less conference losses and two or fewer total losses.

Birmingham Bowl, here we come, am I right?