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UTSA-UNT Recap: Roadrunners Top Mean Green Again, 34-27

In a game that counted for nothing other than pride. UTSA topped UNT for the second consecutive year 34-27.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

It was a game that was played solely because of the tailgate menu prepared by the home team.

Amid a sea of delicious foods, including carne asada, pudding shots, and chocolate whipped cream strawberries, UTSA and UNT fans continued their Thanksgiving gorge-fest, eager to go into a food coma about 10:45 am, or about fifteen minutes before kickoff.

Though there was some light trash talk amongst tailgaters (more on the "My school's overall system is better than yours" and "When's the last time someone in Dallas won anything?") most fans were eager to get the game over with and proceed to extended happy hours on the San Antonio River Walk.

It was a game that pretty much epitomized each team's season, as UTSA special teams muffed four punts, with UNT actually recovering two of them. UNT couldn't muster anything on offense in the first half, as kicker Trevor Moore inched closer to the "Offensive Team MVP" award with his four field goals in the first half.

Down 15, UNT made it interesting by tying the game up in the fourth quarter on a run by Andrew McNulty and a subsequent two point pass conversion. The UNT defense continued its trend of not stopping anyone, as late in the game, UTSA QB Tucker Carter executed a perfect option toss to Brandon Armstrong, which proved to be all UTSA needed to eke out a victory.

The last time either team lost this many games was 2011, or the year before Jay Z and Kanye West came out with the epic EP Watch The Throne. Neither team will go bowling, but UTSA will claim bragging rights on the recruiting trail, as it goes up 2-0 on its second biggest rival on Interstate 35.