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LA Tech vs Rice: Halftime Update

Carlos Henderson seemed to have an answer with a kickoff return for a touchdown.

Henderson was called down, but a pass to Paul Turner got the Bulldogs back within striking distance. The drive stalled, and Tech ended up missing a field goal with 9:23 left before halftime.

The Bulldogs defense put pressure on Rice QB Driphus Jackson. Xavier Woods almost picked off a long pass, but Jackson completed a pass on the very next play to Zach Wright, who broke a tackle and scored for 51 yard TD.

Tech answered by marching down the field again and Kenneth Dixon capped it off with his 2nd touchdown run from 10 yards out. 28-17 Bulldogs.

Terrell Pinson intercepted a tipped ball on the next Rice possession and Tech Was in position to double the score of the Owls. James Radcliffe stepped in front of a pass across the middle and picked off Sokol.

Rice had the ball with 2:39 on their own 13 yard line to try and make something happen.

Tech stopped the Owls, but missed another field goal just before halftime where the score remained 28-17 Bulldogs.