ULM Player Tells ULL He Will "Beat Georgia Southern for Y'all"

So, if a shot at an outright conference title wasn't enough, Georgia Southern now has some extra motivation to beat ULM this weekend.

During a Nov. 17 press conference, ULL's Boris Anyama was asked if he wished his team could play the Eagles. At the time, both ULL and GSU were undefeated in the Sun Belt but not scheduled to play one another.

In his response, Anyama recounts his team's win over ULM Nov. 15. Afterward, ULM's Rashon Caesar apparently talked all about how the Warhawks would "beat Georgia Southern for y'all."

My friends, this is what we call bulletin board material.

Of course Anyama will get his wish of there not being a tie if Southern takes care of ULM, or if Troy upsets ULL on Saturday.

(Much thanks to eaglewraith of for pointing this out).

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