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WKU Scorches UTSA to Reach Bowl Eligibility

UTSA continues to plummet while WKU uses five passing touchdowns to reach bowl eligibility.

UTSA drops another one, this time against Western Kentucky
UTSA drops another one, this time against Western Kentucky
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't take long for the Hilltoppers to get on the board as WKU found Leon Allen on a middle screen for a 54 yard touchdown on the first drive of the game. The Roadrunners looked up for the challenge of an explosive WKU offense until Bennett Okotcha made a lazy attempt at a high arm tackle allowing Allen to spring straight ahead to pay dirt.

The Roadrunners started the game flat on offense but caught some false hope following a crafty fourth down conversion on a fake punt. The Roadrunners shifted out of their punt formation to run a double reverse, allowing Marcellus Mack to get to the first down marker. Unfortunately for the Runners, Austin Robinson would be sacked and cough up the ball just a few seconds later.

UTSA's defense continued to bail out the offense after WKU recovered the fumble by stuffing WKU on fourth and one from midfield to give the offense the ball back. WKU brought their jumbo package onto the field but Richard Burge and Jason Neill both beat their blockers to cause the turnover on downs.

After the turnover it was UTSA's turn for a fourth down attempt. The Roadrunners went heavy on fourth and two but Robinson tripped in the backfield before pitching the ball to David Glasco who would be brought down a yard short.

Following the turnover on downs WKU would strike fast on a 47 yard touchdown pass. WKU's receiver would beat Crosby Adams badly on a double move to give Brandon Doughty one of the easier touchdown throws he's had all season

A strange first quarter would end with WKU taking over after UTSA's punt is downed on the two yard line.

The two squads would go full #B1G with punts on punts on punts in the second quarter before WKU scored again on another big, big play. WKU went deep on first down to Willie McNeal for 67 yards and a 21 point lead. UTSA cornerback Bennett Okotcha actually made a great play on the ball but McNeal was able to haul the pass in off the deflection. Such has been life for the Roadrunners in 2014.

It was a repeating plot for the Roadrunners. UTSA would run a four yard route on third and six and then get stuffed on fourth down to give WKU the ball back. The Roadrunner defense would miss several tackles to set up a big WKU run. A 15 yard penalty from Wade got the Toppers to the red zone where they would quickly make the score 28-0 heading into half time after finding Jared Dangerfield wide open off a stop and go route.

WKU would set the tone for the second half by taking a 35-0 lead over UTSA with another touchdown pass for Doughty and Dangerfield. The Roadrunner defense suffered some serious mental miscues by leaving receivers wide open in the endzone.

Before the touchdown Michael Egwuagu was flagged for targeting and ejected from the game even after the questionable decision was reviewed. CUSA should review the penalty this week and overturn Egwuagu's automatic first half suspension against North Texas.

Austin Robinson's rough day would continue as the young signal caller was picked off after the Roadrunners offense took to the field again. Robinson tried to find Sean Hesler on a flag route but an underthrown ball allowed the Toppers defense to step up into the pass for a turnover.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse for UTSA, Austin Robinson took helmet to helmet contact on a keeper to force walk-on true freshman Dalton Sturm into the game to become UTSA's fourth quarterback to play in 2014. Sturm would complete a pass for negative yards as UTSA went three and out.

With 12 minutes left in the game WKU would add insult to injury with the first field goal of the game, bringing the score to 38-0 as UTSA fans descended into catatonic state on Twitter.

Almost unbelievably, Sturm would lead UTSA on a touchdown drive on his second possession by stringing a beautiful roll out completion with a bullet of pass to true freshman Kerry Thomas. Thomas ran 47 yards right through the defense and dove into the pylon to end UTSA's shutout.

Things got ugly in the fourth quarter as UTSA's season-long frustrations continued to build. Brian Price got into a scuffle after the play and threw a ref to the ground to try to get to a WKU player, causing him to be ejected.

WKU would use the penalty to spring board another touchdown, this one coming on the ground to bring the score to 45-7 as the point after attempt bounced the right way off the upright. This score sealed the game as UTSA wasn't able to get much going on their last possession.

The Hilltoppers will travel to Huntington next week to face undefeated Marshall while UTSA will host UNT in the Alamodome. Someone give me a hug, please.