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Atlanta Falcons' Roddy White Probably Willing To Help UAB Blazers Football, We Think

His wording is a little odd, which creates a little empty void where stout support for his alma mater should go. Hopefully plenty is being done behind the scenes.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

We missed this the other day, but you are all very familiar with the cloud of support/non-support swirling around UAB Blazers football right now. We have covered it in several ways, and from several angles, but this one intrigues me.

It is not news that Roddy White, starting wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, is perhaps the most famous alum of the program, and has been part of the group attempting to bolster the team back from impending hypothetical oblivion. But this latest quote of his strikes me as just a little bit out of place:

"I'm always willing to do whatever it takes to save the program. If we're talking millions and millions of dollars now, well. But I would contribute, if it would save our program."

That's right. White, who has three years and $18.113 million dollars remaining on his current contract, will gladly donate money towards whatever the Blazers need in order to save their football program. Just, y'know, not right now. Not a lot, anyway.

I know that he doesn't actually have that kind of money just laying around. So yes, if we just went up to his house tomorrow and said "Mr. White, would you like to buy one of these boxes of Girl Scouts Thin Mints cookies? They're only $3 million, and all proceeds will go to a new football stadium for UAB football" He would probably say we're crazy for asking that much money for some Thin Mints, no matter how amazing they are, but also that he just can't swing that kind of lump sum investment.

However, I certainly hope that behind these words he is doing what he can do in the form of being an NFL player with NFL money who has lots of NFL friends and connections with NFL money (and then some) and who are just itching for somewhere to spend it. I guess we shall see.