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Marshall Remains Unranked In The College Football Playoff - The Real Truth Revealed

I figured there was something sinister behind it, but who knew it ran this deep?

I'm not sure there's a whole lot I can say about this after having let you spend those four minutes of your life basking in the genius of Matt Thompson.

So it turns out it's just as I suspected. We are actually stuck in an early 20th century time warp, one in which Hitler has returned to power somewhere in the world and his sole purpose in life is world domination via the CFP rankings.

He is of course a fully aware and savvy college football aficionado, as he is well versed in the SEC's stranglehold, nee lopsided monopoly on the top of the college football structure, and Marshall's incredible offensive prowess through the likes of Rakeem Cato and Devon Johnson. I think he unfairly lumps Colorado State in with the likes of East Carolina as a team that would roll over for a Power Five team in a bowl game, but that's another story.

Most important, even Adolf Hitler knows that if Marshall makes their way to the Group of Five New Years Day Bowl, they could wreak some legitimate havoc with whatever team they line up against. Your move, Doc Holliday.