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Georgia Southern vs Navy Recap

Chris Gardner

From the outset of the game, it looked like Georgia Southern and Navy were going to be in for a shoot-out. Georgia Southern marched down the field quickly and scored first and Navy answered in similar fashion.

The following series for each team were also mirror images of each other, though this time it was two three-and-outs.

After that, it was mostly all Navy. Georgia Southern managed to put together some decent drives but fumbled the ball away on one and then had another derailed by a holding call that backed the Eagles up and led to a missed field goal.

Meanwhile, Navy rolled on most every possession, scoring and running mostly at will. Georgia Southern showed signs of life in the 3rd quarter, but missed field goal and then a missed extra point following a great Matt Breida TD run were just too many mistakes to overcome.

Georgia Southern held as the quarters rolled over to the final stanza, but an interception thrown by Kevin Ellison on the first play was really the final nail in the coffin for the Eagles. Navy answered with a touchdown on their ensuing possession and you could really see the life sucked out of the Eagles' team.

At first Georgia Southern wouldn't go away. They drove a good distance down the field and looked to try to make the game look better, but Favian Upshaw threw the Eagles' second interception of the half. This one was returned all the way deep into Eagle territory, leading to another Navy score.

Georgia Southern made Navy's QB Keenan Reynolds look like a Heisman candidate as he ran for well over 200 yards against the Eagles. In the battle of top rushing offenses in the nation, Navy came away the clear leader in the end.

Georgia Southern's Matt Breida - stifled in the first half - caught fire in the second half, but it was too little, too late. His touchdown runs of 36 and 88 yards bolstered the Eagles' rushing numbers, but for the most part Navy held Georgia Southern's offense in check.

When the clock hit zero, the final was Navy 52, Georgia Southern 19. Turnovers were one of the biggest stories of this game, as Navy scored after every Georgia Southern turnover. Points for the Eagles on those drives and this is an entirely different ball game.

Another telling stat were the penalties. Navy was not penalized a single time in this football game, even though there were plenty of instances where it looked like they could have - including at least two non-called pass interferences on third down passes by Georgia Southern.

For the Eagles, their winning streak is over, but they are still undefeated in the Sun Belt. They get a week off before what is likely their final game of the season against Louisiana-Monroe in a game that will determine just what spot in the Sun Belt pecking order the Eagles will fall this season.