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Georgia Southern Unveils Alternate Uniforms for October 11th Homecoming Game Against Idaho

Georgia Southern will be wearing shades of grey for Saturday's homecoming game.

Todd Bennett

Traditions are a big part of Georgia Southern football. The simple uniforms are a part of that. Erk loved the simple uniforms for their practicality and "blue collar" look. However, the college football world today (i.e. recruits) cry out for the occasional alternate uniforms.

So, for the past few years Georgia Southern has worn an alternate uniform for one game each season. For 2012 they were uniforms to honor the military. In 2013 the Eagles wore throwbacks to the Georgia Teachers College Blue Tide (the former name of the school and mascot before dropping football with World War II).

This afternoon the Eagles announced their alternate uniforms for the 2014 Homecoming game against Idaho. They are a nod to traditions with a touch of modern, as well.

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AD Tom Kleinlein stated "'For this year's Homecoming, we designed an alternate uniform that honors Georgia Southern University's traditions with a focus on the future. In creating a new alternate uniform every year, we're building a new tradition.'"

For the full press release you can check out the Georgia Southern official site.

I don't really mind these all that much, though I am not a fan of wearing non-school colors. The Teachers College uniforms contained brown, but that was different because of the nature of that throwback uniform. In this case it's just grey for grey's sake, it appears.

The Academic Logo will adorn one side of the helmets. That is something I love. That is by far my favorite Georgia Southern emblem and I hate that it's not used for Athletics as well. I do wish it was on both sides of the helmet, though.

Georgia Southern plays Idaho Saturday 11 October at 6pm EST.