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Army Black Knights Recruited Using Alcohol and Women

This is primarily surprising not because it's a college football team, but because it's Army.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

This is an intriguing story that came out late last night.

Apparently, Army as a football program is not above having prospective recruits treated to a VIP-style party, complete with a party bus. Nor are they above, and I quote, having their "director of football operations... recruit cheerleaders and players on Army's women's basketball and volleyball teams to act as dates to recruits."

I know this is a far cry from much more serious charges like any actual crime, but I guess this ruins my inner mystique of believing that the Army football team operates with the same integrity and honesty that the actual Army does.

This apparently occurred back in February, and head coach Jeff Monken knew about it and disciplined the rostered players who participated, including starting quarterback Angel Santiago. None of those players are expected to miss any game action, including this Saturday against Air Force. This is good for Army, since that group includes starting quarterback Angel Santiago.

This seems like kind of a big deal to me on the surface, but the NCAA issued only a warning saying that another misstep might lead to a suspension for Monken. I'm sure that the USMA will level far greater penalty and scrutiny than Monken or the NCAA, but we'll keep an eye on this just in case anything further surfaces.