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Rice Owls vs North Texas Mean Green Final Score: Owls Scream To Win

A close early contest dissolved into a blowout late as North Texas' offense disintegrated after the first quarter.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This seemed like a great game early on, as a Darvin Kidsy 100 yard kickoff return for a touchdown left the game tied at 14-14 with three minutes left to play in the first quarter. But that would be the end of the competitiveness for the Mean Green.

A second quarter touchdown drive would give them a 21-14 lead, but the offense managed only 80 yards the rest of the game, while Rice racked up almost 240 yards and 20 points on offense in that span, plus an interception return for a touchdown that helped them pull away late for a lopsided 41-21 victory.

It looked early on like North Texas might pull away, as Rice took a 7-0 lead on an 88 yard touchdown pass by Driphus Jackson to Jordan Taylor but struggled to do much else offensively for the entire first half. Turns out they were just lulling everyone to sleep so the defense could spring into action heading into the second half.

Their two sacksright before the half were a good indicator of what's to come, as Andrew McNulty only mamanged a measly 8-for-20 passing in the second half, with 42 yards and an interception to show for it. If any more evidence was needed that McNulty is not the answer under center, today should have provided it. More Dajon, please.

North Texas will now search for answers during their bye week, while Rice - who by the way is now in second place in the division - will start planning for a matchup with FIU next weekend.