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A View From the Arkansas Side To Preview This Saturday's UAB Game in Hog Country.

Ryan Higgins ( @rhiggins479 ) Answers some questions for us on what to expect Saturday when UAB rolls into Fayetteville.

Tyler: What is the mindset of the Arkansas team and fans after being so close to gaining important wins in several games this year?

Ryan: It's frustrating to be sure, but it's impressive the Hogs went from losing to Bama by 52 points to losing by 1 point. It's obvious proof of progress, but it hurts not to win.

Tyler: How is Arkansas viewing the UAB game in importance of trying to get back on track?

Ryan: I think it is very important considering how the Georgia game went. A lot of fans believe the Hogs took a step back (I'm not one of them, Georgia was a superior team) in their last game and if there isn't a decisive victory over UAB like there have been in the other non-conference games then there will probably be some grumbling.

Tyler: Has the way UAB played against Mississippi State seemed to worry the Arkansas fans?

Ryan: I'm not sure worried is the right word, but UAB's performance was definitely impressive. Because of the way the Hogs played in other non-con games this year, fans still have plenty of confidence in this team's ability to win games in which they are favored. Arkansas massive offensive line is mainly that reason. Non-SEC teams just can't prepare for those boys up front.

Tyler: Who are some Hog players Blazer fans will probably dread seeing Saturday?

Ryan: It's yet to be known if middle linebacker Brooks Ellis will play yet or not after a bone bruise on his knee. He's the glue that keeps that defense together. Defensive end Trey Flowers and outside linebacker Martrell Speight have been the nasty play makers on defense. Offensively, watch the whole run game. Whenever those boys get rolling they are tough to stop.

Tyler: With both programs having a past connection to Garrick McGee, what is the perception of Coach McGee in Hog country three years later? Do some fans still wish he got the job when John L. Smith did?

Ryan: He seemed like a "yes" man,  but all of Petrino's assistants were that way because of the way Petrino ran his program. There is no doubt he would have been named the interim head coach and we would have never had to deal with Smiles. All parties involved would have been better off if McGee had been able to take the Arkansas job. i think he probably would have gone 6-6 with that team and done the damage control that Johnelle was unable to do.

Tyler: What’s your prediction for this week’s game?

Ryan: It's tough to make a prediction depending on how much Brooks Ellis plays. I'll say if he starts, Arkansas wins 49-21. If he doesn't play 42-28 Arkansas