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#FunBelt Third Quarter Update: Red Wolves 23 Cajuns 41

A quiet quarter may have put this one away.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Well this was an odd change of pace. After a first half that was chock full of #FunBelt, we got a little bit of defensive performance. As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for a botched Arkansas State fake punt FROM THEIR OWN SIX YARD LINE, the score wouldn't have changed in the third.

Both of these teams made solid adjustments at the half, but the Cajuns have extended their lead to 18 points. That doesn't mean we haven't seen some standout performances. Cajun Punter Daniel Cordona has added to the exceptional special teams performances for UL with two punts of more than 50 yards. That's the kind of clutch play that can hold off a dangerous Red Wolf team, and lead UL to the promised land.

With any luck, we'll see some more points this final quarter. If Arkansas State doesn't start taking advantage of the opportunities their defense is earning, the may let this one slip further away.