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#FunBelt First Quarter Update: Red Wolves 9 Cajuns 13

The Red Wolves and Cajuns brake out the chrome for a Tuesday night showdown.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Cajuns lined up for their second straight Tuesday night showdown, this time at home against the Arkansas State Red Wolves. Both teams are undefeated in the conference, and sporting some shiny new Adidas gear.

After a short first drive, UL punted and the game really began. A-State and the Cajuns traded touchdowns (both failing to convert PATs because why not), and have kept scoring since. The Red Wolves would add a 44 yard field goal, because that's apparently easier than an extra point, and UL would score a full seven points on the ensuing drive.

Speaking of kicker shenanigans, Cajun kicker (nee linebacker) Hunter Stover has a pair of tackles on the night. It's that kind of game.

The rushing defenses didn't bother to show up, but UL's Christian Ringo is back to his regular Tuesday night QB terrorizing.

Let's keep the weird rolling.