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Louisiana 34, Texas State 10: The Cajuns Are Back Baby

Early on it looked like more of the same, but a few Cajuns stepped up to make UL a contender again.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

After a rough September and a less than inspiring showing against Georgia State, the Cajuns were practically left for dead in the Sun Belt race. If we learned anything tonight, it's that they are alive and thriving.

After scoring on the second play of the game, the Cajuns struggled to move the ball on Texas State's undersized, but tenacious defense. When wide receiver Jamal Robinson went down shortly after with another leg injury, things got worse. But during that dry spell, the Bobcats couldn't capitalize.

On their most successful drive of the night, Texas State pushed the ball down inside the five yard line as the first quarter came to a close. But the Cajun defense stood tall, as they did for the rest of the night, and held the Bobcats to a field goal on the drive.

The night wasn't without standouts for Texas State, as David Mayo continued to terrorize the UL offense throughout the night, nearly forcing a game changing turnover in the second quarter. David Mims III managed to make a touchdown saving interception in the third quarter that could have also shifted momentum in the Bobcats' favor, but the offense couldn't capitalize. Texas State wouldn't get their first touchdown until a minute left in the game, with a Tyler Jones pass to Brice Gunter.

UL, on the other hand, may have lost a star, but found a few other ones. Elijah McGuire finally lived up to his potential, stutter stepping his way to a receiving and rushing touchdown. Al Riles also made some big plays, helping the Cajuns convert their first few third downs of the game in the third quarter. And despite a few mistakes, Broadway was back to his old self once he settled down and stopped looking for the nonexistent Robinson in the secondary.

Probably the most welcome surprise of the game though, was Cajun defensive lineman Christian Ringo. The big fella had two key sacks, and no disrespect to McGuire, Ringo also added the most enjoyable touchdown run of the game on a fumble recovery.

Overall, the Cajuns are back, and the Bobcats have some things to figure out if they want to stay in contention in the conference. Next week, Texas State regroups before having a measuring stick kind of game against ULM. The Cajuns will play another Tuesday night showcase against fellow 2-0 conference opponent, Arkansas State.