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Third Quarter #FunBelt Update: Cajuns 28, Bobcats 3


Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

This one was slow to materialize, but it is officially the Elijah McGuire Show, featuring Terrance Broadway and Al Riles.

McGuire has stutter stepped his way to 64 tough yards, and a receiving and passing touchdown so far. Al Riles has also contributed greatly, especially on third down, an area UL struggled with in the first half.

All indications seem to point to Texas State mailing the rest of this game in. After David Mims intercepted Broadway in the endzone, it looked like the Bobcats might have a little life left, but Coach Fran just called more of the same on offense. Runs up the middle against a hot defensive line just aren't going to cut it tonight.

You hate to see a team give up, but this one isn't over just yet. If the Bobcats can get a stop, we might see this game get interesting late, but I'm not holding my breath.