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Halftime #FunBelt Update: Cajuns 21, Bobcats 3

The Cajuns' offense continues to sputter without Robinson, but that doesn't matter when you can score Fat Guy Touchdowns.

Michael Hickey

Texas State couldn't punch it in to begin the second quarter, settling instead for a short fieldgoal to make the game 7-3.

The story of this game continues to be the defenses. UL defensive lineman Christian Ringo has been the standout so far, with a sack and a fumble return for a touchdown that appeared to be in slow motion.

Texas State's defense has been helped in part by Jamal Robinson's continued absence from the Cajuns' wide receiving corps. The remaining Cajun wide outs have been unable to get separation from Bobcat DBs, leading to multiple pressures and another sack of Broadway. It's pretty clear that the leader on this Bobcat defense is linebacker David Mayo, who forced a controversial fumble on UL's final drive of the half. We knew Mayo would be a force coming into this game, but his presence on the field has been constant and vicious.

UL was able to string together a few plays, helped greatly by a 36 yard Elijah McGuire scamper, and punch in another touchdown with about six minutes left in the half, putting them up 21-3.

Texas State needs to step up on offense if they want to keep this game from getting away from them.