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First Quarter #FunBelt Update: Cajuns @ Bobcats

The game started with a bang before the defenses settle in.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The Cajuns may have scored first, on just the second play of the game, but they also suffered the biggest blow. For the second time this season, star wideout Jamal Robinson went down with a leg injury. It involved his previously uninjured leg, and looked to be somewhat minor. Expect Robinson to return before the game is over.

Since that first Cajuns touchdown it has been a defensive struggle. Texas State so far has gone 1-4 on third down conversions, while the Cajuns have missed a field goal and struggled to maintain field position.

Now the Bobcats are in position to even things up, and they need to take advantage. Their defense is undersized, and this matchup may get tougher for them as the game progresses. The Cajuns have been gaining chunk yardage, but we are seeing some of that same inconsistency that plagued them throughout September.

Hold on. This one looks like it will be tight until the end.