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Underdog Dynasty Podcast Replay

Couldn't stay up to the wee hours of the night because you are a responsible person with your priorities in order? That's cool. Listen to the show here!

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and Gentleman! Fans of the G5 conferences! Bored office workers! Adam Martinez got together with a couple of UD writers to talk late into the night. About what, you ask? Well of course the goings-on in Underdog Dynasty land.

Listen to episode 1-but-technically-2 as we discuss C-USA, Sun Belt, American and Independents.

There is no subscription just yet -- I mean, there exists but one show. What do yo have to subscribe to? -- but next week we'll have you all set up with iTunes, RSS, etc.

Right now just listen and give feedback in the comments!

[UD1.0.mp3 ]