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Behind Enemy Lines: Q&A With the Crimson Quarry

Ahead of UNT's first Big 10 tilt since 2011 (against Indiana) Underdog Dynasty's Adam Rosenfield had an email exchange with Ben R of the Crimson Quarry, the Indiana Hoosier blog

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


1. Indiana went 0-11 in 2011. Is 2014 the year Kevin Wilson finally gets the team to a bowl game? Is WIlson the right coach to lead the Hoosiers back to prominence?

Okay let's be fair - IU went 1-11 in 2011, with one GLORIOUS win against South Carolina State! Before this season started, I would have said that yes, this would be the year that IU would finally get over the hump and make a bowl game. After 4 games, I still think it's possible, but I'm not as confident anymore. Though in a weak B1G, anything is possible. Wilson might be the right coach - I like that he's brought a high-powered offense in and has a lot of enthusiasm - but I've been skeptical of some of his in-game decisions. There are football coaches like Andy Reid and Lovie Smith seem like they know what to do the other six days of the week, but often can look clueless during in-game decisions and situations. My concern is that Wilson may turn out to be like these guys, but I don't yet want to jump to conclusions about this.

2. Indiana upset a ranked Mizzou, but lost to Bowling Green and was annihilated by Maryland... what's the true identity of this team?

I think ideally, the identity of this team would be a high-powered offense that is able to put up at least 30 points a game on any team and a bend but don't break defense that is improving from the depths of last season. So far, we've only to fully put that together in one game, which was the Mizzou game. More consistent QB play from Nate Sudfeld would go a long way for us as well.

3. What are the biggest strengths/weaknesses of Indiana football?

Strengths: Tevin Coleman could be a dark-horse Heisman candidate, our offensive line has been pretty stout, and we have a few playmakers on defense such as Nick Mangieri and Tegray Scales. When Sudfeld is on his game, he is accurate and doesn't make many mistakes.
Weaknesses: Our pass defense has been exposed multiple times this year already, and our special teams have been iffy.

4.What are the biggest games coming up for IU? How will they fare in their Big 10 schedule?

After UNT, IU travels to face off against Iowa, a team that your coach has plenty of familiarity with from his ISU days. The Hawkeyes will be a good test of how well we will fare against a staunch defense and an offense that seems to score 24 points a game no matter who it faces. After that, we'll host Michigan State, who likely will win the conference, so it will show if and how we have improved throughout this season. After that, if the incompetence of Brady Hoke continues at Michigan, we will have a rare chance to get a victory at the Big House. So a lot of big games coming up.

5. Give me your best: Little 500 story, Best bar in Bloomington, Hottest Jewish girl to ever come out of Bloomington (there are lots)

I went to grad school at IU, so while I did participate in some Little 500 parties and shenanigans, it's probably a lot more tame than what some undergrads did. I did have to kick some strangers off my back porch at 3:30 am on a weeknight last year though. I did go to the race itself once and really enjoyed it - it was fast-paced and had lots of drama including a crash on the final lap. My favorite bar in Bloomington is probably Nick's - it's a classic place in town with lots of IU memorabilia. I don't like Kilroy's as much but that's also a legendary Bloomington bar. And as for your last question:

6. Basketball time- Is Tom Crean on the hot seat? What should we expect from the Hoosiers this year? Does he really look like Dwight Schrute from the Office?

The degree of Tom Crean's hot seat really depends on who you talk to - it's been a hotly debated subject in the state all summer. I don't think anyone was satisfied with how last season went, but I think the other bloggers and I estimate that a vocal minority of fans (about 25-30%) wanted him gone for good after last season, while the rest of us want to see how this season goes. It should be an interesting season - we have a highly touted recruit in James Blackmon Jr., but our depth in the frontcourt is concerning. If we finish above .500 in the B1G and make the tournament, Crean's seat should be safe. And the Dwight Schrute comparison is valid - I think it's the part in the middle of his hair that really makes it a good one.

7. Prediction time.... Who wins? Why?

I'll predict that we win, 31-14. The offense will improve from last week, and while I think it will be close during the first half, we'll be able to pull away in the fourth quarter with a pair of Tevin Coleman touchdowns.